Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween is by far one of my favorite days. I enjoy everything about it: the decor, the costumes, the spirit. Sadly I didn't get any candy this year. Instead I celebrated halloween at a Passion Pit concert. It's my 3rd time seeing them this year and they are oh so amazing and fun.

Anyways story time...It's interesting how the world works sometimes. I got lost on the way to the metro and my friend and I were late to the concert. When we got out of the station in DC we saw a congregation of fellow concert goers looking for the shuttle that would take us to the venue. We waited for 20 mins and it never came. Walking wasn't really an option because it was a 45 minute walk in a rather sketchy part of the city. The girl who was next to me suddenly offered us a free ride there. That's right, I got in a cab with strangers. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Not really, they were extremely nice  I just felt like I could trust them. I spent the rest of the concert hanging out with them. If my sense of direction wasn't so bad then maybe I would of never met these amazing people. And that's the story how I made friends on Halloween.

My costumes were last minute (as always.) I decided to be Madeline, my favorite childhood character, and I was a skullified Audrey Hepburn. What were you for Halloween? 

I got everything for this costume at a thrift store

I wish I could repeat this Halloween weekend all over again. Did you dress up for Halloween? I don't believe that you can ever be too old for costumes.

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