Tuesday, January 6, 2015

new year

(i didn't know what pic to use so here's me being pensive or whatever)

First of all: Happy 2015 everyone! It's crazy that its 2015...I still feel like it's 2012. Sorry I'm a bit late, I'll definatly be working on my punctuality this year. I wish you all a year filled with love, happiness and adventures.

my goals to remember this year:

1. stop waiting
I feel as though most of the times I simply wait. I wait for the weekend, I wait for summer, I wait to see someone. I realize that I have to focus on enjoying the now, instead of waiting for something to happen. I want to fully live trough every moment. Even if it's small.

For years I have been waiting to move to a new city, find love, and get my life together. These things will happen. I don't know how long it will take but I won't anxiously wait for them anymore. Every day matters.

2. focus on health
Well you know this was coming...I want to be healthier. Last year I accomplished a lot health wise: I went to yoga regularly, workout at the gym often and went on hikes. This year I want to improve. I'll complete my first marathon, use my juicer more often, and maybe even finally be able to do side crow in yoga.

I won't deprive myself on anything of course. If I want an Oreo milkshake, I'll get one. It's nice to to reward our bodies for all it does. Thanks for carrying me legs. Immune system, you deserve this milkshake for protecting me from disease.

3. write
I'm going to splurge and get myself a nice journal to write my thoughts on. I think physically writing is inspiring. You know that feeling when you can't stop writing from a good thought you had and your handwriting suddenly gets really messy? I like it when that happens. Except my handwriting becomes nearly unreadable because it's messy enough.

Writing will help keep my head clear by letting it all out on paper.

I want to read my journal a week later and notice how much I have forgotten: How I felt mornings ago, the story of that party a friend told me, the bright sweater my neighbor wore. It's the little things that are important, but it's the ones that are most easily forgotten.

I heard about some people writing the good things that happen this year, putting in a jar and reading it at the end of the year. I'll attempt to do that too. I think it would be gratifying, especially if I'm feeling down.

4. travel
Traveling has always been my ultimate goal. Travel where? I don't know or frankly really care. Just the motion of traveling is adventure by itself. I love two hour road trips to the mountains with friends and taking the bus to further explore New York. I'm also hoping to go on more spontaneous adventures. Those tend to be the most memorable.

It would be wonderful to go to the pacific northwest this year. I have never been but I'm inspired from all the pictures I have seen. I'm enamored by the nature there. Washington, Oregon, and California are simply breathtaking. I want to hike every mountain there and camp by a lake.

5. let go
These past two years have been hard. I carry the weight from everything that has gone wrong with me. I need to learn to let go of them. That way I can grow from the freedom.

 It will be hard but I think that once I fully accept that it's in the past, I won't let it define me anymore.

6. read more
I have many books that I haven't finished simply because I don't have time. I love reading so I want to be take time to actually do it.

note to self: Failure is okay, mistakes happen. That's life and you learn from it. I might not be able to accomplish everything I want this year but I'll be okay.


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