Sunday, February 23, 2014

macaron making

Baking is one of my absolute favorite things to do. It's not only calming, but it feeds my immense sweet tooth. I honestly have hundreds of different cookies recipes I want to try (and I will, one day). I have too many types of flours (coconut, quinoa, buckwheat, whole wheat, flax, almond…) Needless to say, I love baking.

I always thought of macarons as the cute lavish pastries that only the best parisian bakers could make. So, I stayed away from even googling a recipe. In my mind they were these "you can look, you can eat, but you can't make"  type of dessert. I had also heard of the trecherous work it took to make them.

Oh, how wrong I was. I do admit they are a labor of love. Nothing you can whip up in 30 minutes, but with a little help from my friends (Beatles reference) it's fun to make. My friend Juan, the macaron connoisseur, pretty much did all the work. I just took pictures, sifted here and there, and ate raspberries. It took about 3 hours in total, and thats because Juan hand whipped the eggs and we stopped every 10 minutes to take pictures. The final result was amazing. Take this as a life lesson: Don't be scared to try something new, especially if it's something you can eat.

We modified this recipe to have a chocolate shell with buttercream and raspberry filling.

Almost too pretty to eat…almost 

You got nothin' on us France.

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