Sunday, March 2, 2014

the power of quartz jewelry

I love crystal quartz. Not only because they are beautiful, but they also have a great meaning to me.

It all started about two years ago on a late night when I came back from a long shift. These were times where I was very stressed. I would often cry because due to the pressures from work and school. At that moment I was in pure distraught. Imagine my surprise when I came home to find these shiny rocks on my bed. 

My mom explained to me that these were healing crystals: nature's gift of clarity. They were meant to help me balance my energy and clear my thoughts. It was her own way of helping me trough a hard time. Of course, my initial reaction was: "Okay mom, you're weird." But I have since learned to love these harmonizing gems. Each crystal has its own specific amazing power and porpuse. 

I'm greatly thankful for the crystal jewelry that I currently own. There are stunning creations all over. So, here's a list of my favorite one out there along with a short description of their benefits. Im no expert in the world of crystals. I have just learned from my mom and her books. The following are all absolutely breathtaking. Have a look:

$34.00/ from crystal cactus

Gold Crystal Quartz Necklace
I love simple yet eye-catching jewelry. This necklace is made from clear quartz which is the most versitile healing stone. Clear quartz are known as the "master stone" because it's able to amplify energies around you. It also helps protect from negative energy and thoughts. I love clear quartz because its balancing properties.

$20.00/ from easy
Rainbow Quartz ring
I'm in love with these rings. Titanium aura quartz are also known as rainbow quartz because of the breathtaking colors. It's energy vibrations improves one's aura and helps with creativity. It's also believed to activate the Third eye which is why many physics use it. 

$26.00/ from etsy
Raw Crackled Quartz Point Pendant 

How pretty is this aqua colored crystal? This specific crystal reminds me of the calm ocean. It aids with the clearing of the mind and healing.
44.00/ from etsy
Raw Amethyst Necklace
Did you know that the word "amethyst" derives from the Greek word of "sober"? It was believed to prevent drunkenness. Now, I'm not saying you will be fine if you go out and drink all night as long as you have an amethyst with you. But, this gemstone purifies the bloodstream and aids in peaceful sleeping. So, the Greeks weren't too far off.
$38.00/ from etsy
Quartz Crystal Cluster Ring
Crystals naturally grow in clusters so they very much have a unique and powerful energy because of all the individual crystals connecting to each other. They radiate, harmonize, and vibrate postivity together. 

16.00/ from easy
Herkimer Diamond Ring
The Herkimer quartz are often referred to as "diamonds" because they are the most powerful and strongest of all quartz. They are known to improving one's spirituality and connection to nature.  These pure crystals are excellent at healing too. 
52.00/ from etsy
Rose Quartz  Edged Necklace
I usually like crystals in their raw form but this particular necklace is amazing. The geometric shape of a half moon is gorgeous. Rose quartz is my mom's favorite crystal. It's stone of love and compassion. Any rose quartz helps to opens your heart to unconditional love.

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